Sports Speed Training Program in Hinsdale, IL

Take your sports performance to the next level with a speed training program. Tip Top Training provides a top-tier sports speed training program near Hinsdale, IL, for people of all ages. Come to our courses to elevate your performance.


Become a Better Athlete


Our speed training program is a custom, competitive group training course. Speed is a valuable asset in all sports, from baseball to football to tennis to soccer. We recognize that speed training is what can truly transform your performance into the work of a champion.


We prioritize speed because speed gives you the edge when you’re up against your opponent. Our speed training program helps you work harder, better, faster, and stronger. We ensure that you maintain your strength as you increase your speed so that you can play and compete without injury.


Our programs are available for all ages, starting as young as eight years old. We help kids and people of all ages unlock the champion performances that they have within. Our program is interactive because we know that kids and others perform at their best as a part of a team. We encourage teamwork in our speed training to help our athletes work together from a young age.


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Since 1995, we’ve worked with the community of Hinsdale, IL. Our sports speed training program developed out of our rehab and therapy services, which grounds all of our classes in practices that are best for the body and push your physical limits without risk of injury.


Work with our qualified trainers to discover what our speed training program can do for you. We take serious athletes of any age and sport to the next level.


Become the best athlete that you can with a speed training program from Tip Top Training in Hinsdale, IL. Call 847-721-7293 or complete our online form for a free session of our training.

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