Emily Richardson

Sports Performance Specialist

Emily joined Tip Top in the fall of 2016 after obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from Michigan State University. She is a certified athletic trainer (ATC) and has a background in working with elite athletes of all ages. She specializes in the prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation of sport specific injuries. Originally from Sacramento, California, Emily is new to the Chicagoland area and is currently adding on to her education by acquiring a massage therapy certification so that she can also practice as a licensed massage therapist. Emily’s favorite activities outside of Tip Top are running, traveling, and cooking. She is currently training for her 3rd half marathon in Nashville and 2nd full marathon in Hawaii both of which will take place this year.

Tip Top's successes include competitive athletes whom have competed in virtually every sport with impressive accomplishments including:

  • 30 NCAA Division 1 athletes
  • 50 NCAA Division 3 athletes
  • 2 players ranked Number one nationally
  • 4 Sportsmanship award winners
  • 5 NCAA Division 1 Ivy League athletes
  • 8 USTA National Titles
  • 10 Professional Touring athletes

Meet Our Team

Mindee Epstein, R.K.T.

Founder and President

Mindee Epstein is an expert sports trainer with over 25 years focused developing amateur and world champion athletes. Mindee is recognized as an expert in bringing "functional training" to the sports/ fitness industry. Mindee is a speed, agility and quickness specialist. A licensed massage therapist, performance trainer and a body-worker. She has written many articles on performance enhancement articles, body alignment, developing weak links in the body and more.

I was always interested in how the body works with different movements and exercise so I attended Ohio State University to get a degree in Kinesiology. While at Ohio State I played tennis for the Buckeyes and won the Big Ten Tennis Championships. After college I was fortunate to work with my mentor Bob Gajda (world renown Performance Trainer and Sport Rehab Therapist) for ten years. We worked with the best athletes in the world including Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks, John McEnroe, Jimmy Conners, as well as other distinguished athletes.

In 1995 I started Tip Top Training & Rehab because I knew I could make a difference in today’s' athletes by mentoring them to be better physically, mentally and emotionally. Today my goal with each person I train is to transform them into a stronger, faster, and injury free athlete who can perform repeatedly at Tip Top levels! Tip Top clients include athletes of all ages from various sports such as baseball, tennis, basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse and more.

In 2005-2008, Mindee directed the strength, conditioning and speed work Northwestern University Tennis and Golf Teams.

About Us

Chicagoland’s #1 Speed & Agility Program for Aspiring Athletes!


TipTop Training & Rehab, P.C., celebrating its 25th year, trains aspiring athletes in virtually every sport in focusing on improving speed, agility, core strength and techniques aimed at preventing injuries. This is accomplished through group and/or individual training sessions conducted by TipTop’s qualified trainers.

Justin Ochoa

Director of Adult Fitness

Assistant Director of Training, Sports Performance Specialist

Justin Ochoa, Assitant Director of Training has been with TipTop since 2012. Justin has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreation Management from Illnois State University. He competed in football, wrestling and track and field at Glenbrook North High School. He also participated in boxing and MMA for 2 years.

Justin graduated from Illinois State University and studied Exercise Science and proper body mechanics. He also competed in Rugby at Illinois State University. Justin’s clients range from 8 years to 88 years old demonstrating the ability to work and motivate people of all ages and skill levels.

The performance training curriculum places a high priority on running and footwork movement, coordination, balance and relative strength with special emphasis on core body development. These are vital areas of training for any competitive athlete that are often overlooked by coaches or personal trainers.  Athletes continue to train with TipTop because they seek to improve their overall performance in order to emerge as a more competitive athlete in today’s highly competitive sports environment.  Younger athletes are introduced to new techniques and as they progress, those skills are refined and ingrained so that fundamental skills of speed, agility and power remain a top priority.  Athletes are given individual attention and evaluated to optimize the training based on his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Whether you are a athlete looking to become more competitive in your an organized or are an adult looking to get in shape in a fun and effective program through our New Your Adult Boot Camp, you will be pleased with the results that are achieved at TipTop!